brunch with my baby..

Heading out to restaurants with a 15 month old is an extremely exhausting adventure where I am constantly making sure he A: not standing up in his high chair, B: not grabbing everything off the table, or C: throwing all of is food on the ground.   Needless to say, I need to be on from the minute we enter the restaurant to the second we leave.  Bound and determined to ensure that my child is not the crazy, messy, out of control, loud child in the restaurant.  Restaurant High chairs have become a nightmare for us  They are filthy most of the time, the straps rarely work, and even when he is strapped in, he manages to houidini himself out of it.  

When I was asked to try out the Bumbo Multi Seat - I happily abliged.  Dying for any relief from the high chair hell we have been living in.  So, this morning we finally ventured out to brunch at our neighborhood go-to, J. Christophers with Mr. Mason and our new Bumbo Multi-Seat.

Getting it strapped to the chair took a matter of seconds and once Mason was in I was pleasantly surprised at how calm he was hanging out in the Bumbo.  He did better sitting right up a the table with us in his own "chair" and he didn't twist and turn around like he usually would in the high chair due to the straps on the Bumbo keeping him contained.

Needless to say we had a somewhat relaxing brunch and I can honestly say that we won't be leaving the house without the Bumbo Multi Seat anytime soon.  Love the versatility of bringing it to restaurants, grandparents, and vacations.  It is super lightweight and easy to carry and I have already considered packing away the giant highchair and only using this more compact option in our dining room at home.  

(please note that while this is a sponsored post, the words and review are all my own)