baby must-haves for the 1st 6 months...

I lived for googling, reading reviews, and buying and returning everything on Amazon those first 6 months - Weespring was extremely helpful but even that sometimes can get I have put together my top 10 must-haves for baby's 1st 6 months- 

  1. A Boppy Pillow - how crazy that a C-shaped pillow tops my list but it does.  Trust me - you need it.  You need 2 and with multiple covers.  For breastfeeding, tummy time, propping up baby, then when baby starts to sit up - it is indispensable.  We could not have lived without it.  And if you really want to go all out - get the Bobby Lounger - AMAZING!!!
  2. Fisher Price Rock-N-Play.  I remember getting Mason home from the hospital and putting him down for his first nap and he screamed in every bassinet, crib, and pack-n-play we bought - he would only sleep in the Rock-N-Play.  Maybe because it elevates them, makes them feel surrounded, I don't know and I don't care.  He was sleeping through the night in this thing at 3 months old.  And it is portable so you can use it all over the house...all I know is I am splurging on the automatic rocking one for the next baby.
  3. A MamaRoo, this thing was a life saver - for hours at a time Mason would nap in it.  I have heard not all babies love it - but we got so much use out of this thing I was so sad when we had to pack it away.
  4. A Bouncer - right when babies start to be little more alert at around 2 months old - everything changes.  They need more stimulation, but can't quite "play" with toys.  We went for the Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer with the cascading waterfall and music and it took everything we had not to hum that music when we went to work each day.  This bouncer went in every room and we used it everyday - especially in the mornings when we were both getting ready.  It was easily one of the most used items in our home.
  5. A great travel system stroller  We have the Uppababy Mesa carseat and the Uppababy Cruz stroller.  The carseat clicks right in without any adaptors.  And the stroller without the carseat is super attractive - we chose the Cruz over the Vista due to the smaller footprint - it is great in stores, at restaurants, and of course walks around the neighborhood.  For the carseat, we bought an extra base for my husbands car - so no matter which car we were taking, getting the car seat in and out was a breeze.
  6. Velcro Swaddle Blankets (like this one).  I could never get a knack for swaddling and with these blankets, I didn't have to.  So easy to use.
  7. Multiple changing tables and diaper pails.  Walking to the nursery every single time you need to change a diaper is not humanly possible.  Invest in a pack n play with a changing table or bassinet top that can be used as a changing area (we have the 4moms Breeze) and a diaper pail (we LOVE Ubbi Diaper pails)  in at least one other area of the house where you spend most of your time with baby.
  8. The Fisher Price Kick-N-Play Piano - Mason loved this thing, like a lot.  He got into music, he kicked the piano, he played with the hanging toys, and tired himself out to no end.  He was CRAZY about it and it provided hours of entertainment.
  9. Baby Wipes, tons of them.  I knew we would need diapers, but I never realized how many baby wipes we would need.  The uses for baby wipes are endless - cleaning the couch, his face, our face, his clothes, our clothes, sticker fingers, and of course, baby bottoms.  Whey they start to eat solids - baby wipes take on a whole new job for wiping messy faces and trays.  
  10. Cetaphil cream - the one in the tub.  Our pediatrician recommended for dry skin and cradle cap and it works wonders on baby and parents can use too...