A Review of the Boon Snug...

This past weekend while at lunch at one of our favorite barbecue places in Atlanta, we tried out the Boon Snug - a silicone lid that will fit on any cup.  I love the idea of throwing one of these lids in your diaper bag and turning any cup into a sippy cup with a spout or straw.  We have been transitioning Mason from spouts to straws these past few weeks so I opted for the straw version.  My advice, only buy the straw lid option if your child is ready for a straw.  The straw easily pops in and out and my son thought is was quite a fun game to pull the straw out quickly spraying milk everywhere.  Also, even with the straw, when turned upside down milk leaks out from where the straw is placed.  Mason also chewed and flattened out one of the straws within a few seconds.  While I love the concept and know we will get a ton of use out of it later on...my 22 month old was just not ready for a straw that isn't welded to the cup with a leak proof contraption.  I will definitely be trying out the version of this lid that has a spout, since I love the mobility of this product, and hopefully the straw will get more use down the road...     The Boon Snug is available at Babies R Us

(please note that while this is a sponsored post, the words and review are all my own)

the only sippy cup you will ever need... (and switching to whole milk)

I was terrified of switching from bottles to sippy cups and bought what seems like a hundred different sippy cups that Mason rejected or "did ok" with (what they told me at preschool).  A Mom from preschool recommended the NUK sippy cup and Mason went from bottles to only sippy cups in about 4 days with the NUK.  I was so excited to put away all the bottles and bottle parts.  Now we have 5 of these and just upgraded to the 10 ounce version for the mornings when he has been drinking a little more milk...

The switch to whole milk was an easy one for us that I stressed about for weeks.  The key was to mix in a little more whole milk each day over the course of about 4-5 days then suddenly it is just whole milk which I continued to warm up for him for another day or two.  Then to get him to drink the cold whole milk I gave him food first at each meal than the cold milk and he was sold because he was already full from the food so the milk didn't matter to him.  

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